Big name trainers can definitely be a great marketing tool for MMA gyms or Dojos. Any “legit” Gym/ Dojo wouldn't have to worry about looking like less of a trainer because a big name trainer does a seminar. Legit gyms are well qualified in what they teach, and have more than a plethora of information to give there students. the big name trainer would only be a different take on what is already being taught, a different way of teaching it. Americas Top team doesn't sweat Greg Jackson's school, and Extreme Cature doesn't sweat tap Out. They all have there on style of teaching but no one is necessarily better than the other. The ability to have a big name trainer / Fighter only stands to improve a legit gyms business, it shows the comfort of the gym in what they teach, it adds knowledge to the facility, and finally even show the willingness for the facility to stay on the for front of the MMA community. Things like the Fight Summit are almost the same, its about acquiring knowledge, learning more about the business and staying competitive with the big names. The possibility for extra revenue is nice, charging some extra money to attend a seminar to clients and general public, but that would be the last thing I would look at, In order to learn one must not think with his pocket, rather think with your heart. Existing Clients will appreciate your bringing in new faces with big names in the industry to the gym, and outsiders allowed to attend might actually join the facility just because what you are providing. A wise man thinks of the bigger goal, building a greater network, Rewarding current clients loyalty, extending the hand to the community, and any kind of media coverage you could get for doing it! Il-legit gyms / Dojos would have some concerns of looking bad. There are a lot of New people on the new MMA kick, who have no idea what its all about. they've watched a few UFC fights, or bought a tap out shirt and now think they can teach on a competitive level MMA. This would obviously expose there lack of true understanding of MMA, when a Real trainer walks in and completely blows away everything being taught. Real trainers are seasoned veterans, weather they have a lengthy carrier as fighters or trainers in the industry, putting them next to a gym filled with the people pretending what they do would only be like putting a piece of coal next to a diamond. While a coal can become a diamond it still is nothing more than a piece of coal.

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